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3 Reasons to go for Hajj via Muztrip

Muztrip has been working hard to enable Hajj for Muslims residing in Australia. Our goal this year is to create ease for Muslims performing Hajj. It is an important pillar of Islam that requires a significant planning and investment. Muslims planning to go to Hajj are looking for (1) affordable price (2) hassle free experience. The challenge in the industry that good experience comes at a premium. We have partnered with the best partners in Australia and Saudi Arabia to offer a hassle free experience and this experience does not come at a premium. As a customer, what should you expect:

1. Top Notch Partners

Muztrip has identified the top notch partners in Australia and Saudi Arabia to ensure our customers get best service before, during and after sales. What does our

  • 3 to 5 star hotels - Ibis, Al-Haram, Makarem Ajyad

  • Top Airlines - Emirates & Etihad

  • Umrah Guide

  • Ziarah in Madina

  • Qurbani with top partners

2. Economical Hajj Packages

Our packages are the most affordable packages in Australia right now. Starting at $8970, the package includes:

  • Hotel

  • Airfare

  • Qurbani

  • Ziarah (Madina)

  • Umrah Guide

  • 5 Litre Zamzam

  • Hajj Training Session

  • Ahram

3. Customer Service

We are working with partners who have been doing it for decades and our job is to arrange and co-ordinate for our customers. Our team brings a diverse experience in the retail industry working at the top eCommerce companies such as Amazon, Walmart eCommerce, GE etc. This is not to brag about our team but to showcase that we understand customer experience and we will ensure our customers are satisfied.

If you want to learn more, please visit our Hajj section.

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